Vivismoke Gentle MTL Wire (316ss)


Description:Vivismoke Gentle MTL Wire (316ss)There are four types of Gentle Wire for your choice:30GA* 2+ 40GA 2.66Ω/ ft 10ft32GA* 2+ 40GA 4.18Ω/ ft 10ft30GA* 3+ 40GA 1.89Ω/ ft 10ft32GA* 3+ 40GA 2.88Ω..

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Vivismoke Gentle MTL Wire (316ss)
There are four types of Gentle Wire for your choice:
30GA* 2+ 40GA 2.66Ω/ ft 10ft
32GA* 2+ 40GA 4.18Ω/ ft 10ft
30GA* 3+ 40GA 1.89Ω/ ft 10ft
32GA* 3+ 40GA 2.88Ω/ ft 10ft
Wire Length: 10 Feet
Wire Materials: 316 SS
Wire Type: 2/ 3 Core Fused Clapton
1* Vivismoke Gentle MTL Wire (316ss)

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